Monday, January 9, 2006

It can't get any worse

Some of you may know that we have been, and indeed some of us still are, very sick. Yes, we were visited by The Plague a good twelve days ago. The two first victims are over it, and the parents are fine. Four are still stricken, myself included. Jonny and Andrew are expected to recover relatively quickly. Jen is pretty bad right now- she has a bad earache. I am not sure what other discomforts she is in because she is not speaking except for an occasional moan. I had an earache, and Mom gave me an antibiotic. It turns out I am allergic to that antibiotic. I got a red rash on my hands and legs, and my face was bright red for a whole day. Then I got worse. However, hope springs eternal and I really hope I will be better tomorrow. What a miserable two weeks. I just thought I’d give you an update.

It’s really weird, but my ear is plugged and as I’m sitting here typing I’m hearing buzzing noises come and go. Is that just me? CAN ANYBODY ELSE HEAR THAT? Ahhhh! I’m losing it.

Our poor Korean student is still very quiet. I think it would take a thumbscrew to get a whole sentence(in English) out of her. But we are not very good company right now…She didn’t get sick, though.

With everybody so sick we have been watching mounds of TV. We watched “The Princess Bride”, “Robots”, “The march of the penguins”, old “Star Trek: Voyager” episodes, and a cute movie called “Narrow Escape”, which is about the crew of the U.S. Aircraft carrier Pointe-cruise(that’s probably the wrong way to spell that) and how they rescued a half-American half-Korean baby from certain death in 1953.

Well, I’ve probably told you more than you wanted to know about our past week. I will post again assuming I get better.