Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Adams family

I have been reading a book of selected letters of John and Abagail Adams that were written from 1762-1784. Because of his duties, John Adams was away from home for very long amounts of time. These letters are written in the good kind of romantic way, with Mr. and Mrs. Adams calling each other "my dearest best friend" etc. I really have enjoyed it, but as I am so rushed I only have time to post this quote from a certain letter:

"This wandering, intinerating life grows more and more disagreeable to me. I want to see my wife and children every day, I want to see my grass and blossoms and corn every day. I want to see my workmen, nay, I almost want to go and see the boss calves as often as Charles does. But above all except the wife and children, I want to see my books."
John Adams to his wife Abagail in 1772

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's recital season

Some of you may know that my sister is nearly the best ballerina in the Mid-west. Her ballet recital was last week, and we have more ballet activities next week. Her ballet is very beautiful, very inspiring, and very expensive. So running off to ballet events is what's keeping me busy these days. This photo is of her group's pointe dance.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An update on my cactus

Some of you may remember I brought a plain old cactus(plucked at a great physical price from the dusty earth) home from Texas a year ago. It flourished and then we thought it had died; but now it is growing again. I tell you, I am not touching that thing again. It can do whatever it wants, I am going to leave it alone now. The thrill of owning a Texas cactus has vanished. But here it is in it's current state, with its newest branches.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's a beautiful day

Every morning I wake up to the sound of birds outside my window- almost right next to my head. Sometimes, when the loud, ugly-sounding birds are in residence, this can be annoying. Some birds really sound like monkeys. But most mornings I hear birds chirp and sing- this considerably helps my mood when getting up in the morning. Sometimes at night I hear owls, raccoons, cat-fights, and other strange rustling noises. I am so thankful that we live where we can enjoy God's nature so easily.
While we are on the subject of birds, the other day on the way to work I nearly hit three vultures that were eating a dead animal on the road. We don't often see vultures. Then a little ways further a pheasant ran across the road. I am proud to say that the only creatures I have ever run over and killed are a squirrel, a cat, and a snake. No deers or skunks yet.

Last week we had Dad's students up for lunch, and this week we are having more guests as well. So in the course of two weeks I will have met people from Korea, Japan, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Columbia, and Afghanistan. Of course we can't serve pork, because the Tajikis and Afghans are Muslims. At one pot-luck we had a while ago, we cautioned everyone not to bring pork, just in case they didn't already know that Muslims don't eat pork. And guess what one lady brought- a nice, big, ham.
And then when we had students from Korea stay with us, a lot of innocent and apparently uninformed people would ask us, "So are they from North or South Korea?"
It was hard not to laugh at that.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Random bits of info

It was 91 degrees on Monday, and breezy. I did two loads of laundry and the first load dried in just an hour because of the hot weather and wind. Today it got up to around 70. Fluctuating weather!

I rubbed my hands raw yesterday trying to hack up a piece of cardboard for my younger brother- he is making a raised map of the USA using cardboard and salt-dough for our upcoming home school fair. We always seem to wait until the last minute to finish our displays.

From the ever talkative Jeremy, while discussing what to become when he grows up:
"Who's the person who brings us mail?
Oh yeah, the mailman."

And on the way home from a dinner after observing the sky:
"Look, the moon followed us home!"

Ahhh, so cute. I did remember to do his reading lesson with him today, and he wiggled all the while. For some reason, it wears me out to watch him use so much energy; maybe it's just wearing to have to exercise so much patience on my part! Today we read about the "the dog will eat his small car." It's definitely better then "See Jane run" right?