Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Navy Linen, and Other Things

Family Stuff

We're back from my first post-marriage return to my home state and a nice, long family reunion. Now it's back to work! My current project is a 1770's civilian coat in Navy linen. It's fairly basic, but I'm glad to be getting back into sewing orders. This coat has no cuffs or collar; it has 10 plain pewter buttons down the front and three on each pocket flap. Lined in white linen, which was on sale from for $6 a yard! I was worried that this linen would hang too loosely, so I used a $2 thrifted sheet as inner lining for the front of the coat.

Speaking of projects, I've added two listings to my Etsy shop: a customizable Regency-era waistcoat and basic shirt.

NEW Tablecloth: Periwinkle blue and vintage!

I visited the nearest Hancocks this week in honor of their upcoming demise, and bought fabric for a tablecloth. I even dredged up the courage to cut two of my vintage handkerchiefs to decorate the corners. I have a whole stack of fine linen and vintage handkerchiefs from my great aunt, which I always mean to put to some use.

Only two handkerchiefs were harmed in the making of this project.

Great-Aunt Elinor was quiet, a good writer, and loved animals, especially horses. She was an only daughter with two brothers, never married, and took care of her parents. We didn't see her often until her health declined and she went to a nursing home. It was a sad place. When Elinor passed, I ended up with some of her books, a quilt, and a box of handkerchiefs. I've already been using the bright ones as decorating in our oh-so-off-white apartment. God made colors and I appreciate them more than ever!