Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Baby Girl Clothes

Linen Scraps make a dress
Baby girl clothes are just as fun to make now as they were a year ago. Baby M is still crawling but getting closer to walking, so short dresses and sturdy pants are in order.

I also have a light cotton lawn with bananas on it that should make a cool summer dress. Baby M loves bananas. Linen scraps, cotton calico print, and some Girl Charlee knits make up a good pile of fabric to make summer dresses. Now I just need the time and energy... I'm a bit lacking in the energy department lately.

I've finished up the last of my orders before the baby comes- A linen waistcoat, a dress and corset. I enjoy sewing and I enjoy the spending money it can make, but it may be a while before I pick up sewing again after this baby.

Summer is here and school is out, and campus really seems empty and dead this year. In our square block alone four apartments are now empty, including the one next door where the crabby family used to live. It's been really nice to have that apartment empty and quiet. I even took over the back step with my plants, which were doing well until we traveled for two weeks and they dried out and then my dill plant got fungus. But part of me wants our block to stay quiet for our last year here, and part of me wants some friendly neighbors. In our two years here only two families on our block have been really interested in being friends. But being friendly is something we have to work at too- especially when it's hot and you just want to stay cloistered in your own darkened home!