Friday, January 26, 2018

Baby M at Christmas

Baby M celebrated her ten month birthday by getting a cold. I am thankful she's been in good health for most of her short life. Anyway, Christmas!

Baby M's first Christmas was a white one. We left the strange and balmy temperatures of Texas for a big family Christmas in Nebraska and the weather obliged us with a very pretty coat of snow. Margaret loved seeing her cousins every day and is turning out to be quite a social baby.

Exploring a bigger house than our apartment was a lot of fun. There's always something new to see!

Opening a Christmas Present

Margaret debuted her two new Christmas dresses, but without pictures. They are both from cotton scraps, and lined with flannel. They were plenty warm. They aren't anything special in cut, just general shapeless baby clothes.

But the hangers are even more interesting...

A small paisley print

Forest green dotted cotton and maroon linen trim.