Thursday, March 14, 2019

Marching would be good for us...

March so far has been about food. John's birthday; we made cookies.

We had a guest; we made cake(we were supposed to have more than one guest but the others couldn't come so there we were with a whole cake to ourselves).

We went on a short, sleepless vacation; we ate out for every meal. We went with the goal of eating good food, and it was. Artisan pizza, donuts, smoked meat sandwiches, grilled salmon BLT, and amazing burgers as the last meal.

Lots of good food. Now if only we could get some good sleep....

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

At Night

The other night John mumbled a very concerned incoherent sentence in his sleep. I asked him, are you saying something? He replied, I'm just babbling, I guess. And then we went back to sleep.

Then yesterday, Baby E had a very upset stomach. Lots of crying and screaming all day long, up until 10pm. Finally we all could go to bed. John suggested we pray for poor Baby E. So he started, Lord please help Baby E.... was I just praying? He had dozed off in the few seconds between and carried on the conversation with barely a hitch.

We're sure getting tired of baby feedings at 4am and toddler wakings at 6am!

Thursday, February 28, 2019


We girls don't get out much so little things like getting groceries is a big deal these days! Usually I do my weekly shopping in two different stores for the choices of meat and produce I use. If John isn't free and I have to take the girls with me, it's like shopping as Christian in Pilgrims' Progress, before he loses his burden... maybe something like being a pack mule? It's just hard to go shopping with a baby and a toddler.

When John's schedule does accommodate, I feed the baby and then rush frantically off to buy everything needed for a week of eating.

Today I did the feed and rush. However, a tiny sprinkling of ice caused terrible traffic, delayed school, and one traffic light out that I saw. It was ridiculous- the roads were fine. But I sat in traffic for way too long to get to the store. It made me think, at least when we move the winter traffic will be bad for a reason!

Store number one. Ran around frantically grabbing things off the shelf. Cursed the cost of diapers. Bought something that could pass as a birthday present for John. Store number two. Slightly more relaxed. Resisted the temptation of popcorn, protein bars, and chocolate. Aimed to use my $5 off of $30 coupon. The fellow in front of me in line was one of those old guy types who likes to joke it up with everyone, so we chatted about cilantro and vegans. Then he offered to pay for my groceries, up to $25. I had my coupon, but my order came to $29.60! I had to spend .40 more. So I paid for the tomato of the lady behind me, used the coupon, the gentleman paid for $25, and I had $1.05 left to pay. It was amusing, and, considering the price of diapers, really nice.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It's February

Last night we had breakfast for dinner, and it reminded me why we don't have breakfast for breakfast. It's too time consuming! Tasty though- bacon, omelet with chipotle gouda, home-made wheat toast, and sparkling blackberry juice kombucha.

After dinner I was complaining to John about our neighbors, again. They were really pretty quiet as neighbors until they had a little boy. Turns out he's a toddler night owl, and every evening it sounds like someone is having a raucous bath at 9:30pm, or later. I shake my fist at the walls while getting the baby to sleep and hope our next neighbors- my family- will be quieter after nightfall!

We have just three months before we move over to those new neighbors. I was thinking of buying a container of oats, because we're almost out. But then I thought, would we eat a whole container of oats in three months? Probably not. Strike that off the grocery list because I can't stand to waste! We're going oatless.

Friday, January 25, 2019

New things

So lately I bought paprika for the first time ever, made puppy chow for the first time ever, and made ham bowl puff for the first time in years. Then this week while I was bagging my groceries before heading to the car a crazy man was wandering the parking lot, the manager had  to be called, but he was gone by the time I got out there so I missed it.

This week has been a wash with spit up and not much else. Baby E decided to gift us all with regurgitated milk in abundance, and the only reason I can think of for this week's terrible milk mess is possibly a growth spurt, or teething. She's definitely teething, anyway.

Our last semester has started. John's away to school and I'm impatient for school to be really over. I'm cleaning out the apartment as much as I can(which is going pretty slowly) and everything that we haven't used in the last three years is in jeopardy of being given away. Casserole dish? Gone. Baby shampoo? Gone. Fabric scraps? Gone. I love it. The babies keep me on my toes, and I know packing everything up and actually moving will probably be stressful, so I want to get a head start. It takes me so long to get anything done, better start now. I can't look away from M for a few seconds without her getting into trouble. This week her socks went into the toilet. I tried to include her in baking; it was stressful. At least she got to crack the eggs. Then after that mess she went and got her dirty sweater out of the laundry and started licking muffin batter off of it. Sigh. She's pretty cute, though, and watching her grow and learn is always enjoyable.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas 2018

A Christmas Tea party with appetizers that were too much work

We are getting ready for Christmas. There are pounds of sugar all over the house, or at least it feels that way. I never had to give things to extended family until I got married, and then our first Christmas married it was a shock to discover that not only would we see John's extended family, but would need to give them gifts as well. It's hard to know what to give someone you may only see two or three times in a year, so this year we're doing baked goods. Tasty, consumable, most people can eat them and have fun doing so.

We are endeavoring to do advent with Baby M by opening a door on the paper Bible-verse advent calendar and singing one carol every evening. She's enjoying it, on the evenings she's not already too tired. We're enjoying it too. It's a little more interactive than a Bible chapter and a little shorter too. Simple is good these days. Naps are good; school is out, and that's good. One semester until we're done here, that's good too. Merry Christmas!

Baby M insists that we light the candles during dinner every night

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Dresses

Progress on any project is super slow right now, but I made effort and got the girls' Christmas outfits done(except I ran out of lace and still need to get more). They're not very fancy, but they match, I used fabric I already had, and the dresses at least are lined with flannel.

Baby E's Dress

Baby M's jumper and blouse