Thursday, October 19, 2017

Grey Wool Coat

Fall break was fun. We went out to eat Greek, had donuts and cider to celebrate Fall; went for a walk, bought steaks(John cooked me dinner) and generally just enjoyed being all together. Now it's back to the grind, and I'm shipping out the grey wool coat today!

Twelve buttons down the front.

Two very large pockets.

Three back pleats/vents

A three inch tall stand collar.

A rather bulky back pleat and lots of hemming.

And a very nap-ready Baby M with the finished product. A fairly basic coat, fun, and I look forward to seeing a picture on the customer!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chickens... Babies... Sleep.

So Baby M is teething and maybe having a growth spurt. Anyway, she's been getting me up more at night. I'm tired. I'm also very excited to start her on solids and went to the store to buy some whole chickens to make bone broth, healthy for growing babies.

But, I should not have gone shopping while sleep deprived. In buying two chickens my glazed eyes didn't get past the words "Whole" and "Sale." They looked a little squishy, but it wasn't until I was loading them into the car that I realized they were whole, deboned chickens. I guess the baby will just get plain broth because I'm going to have a lot of it.

And then when I got home I discovered I had bought vanilla yogurt when I wanted plain.

Dan in one of my coats.

Anyway, Baby's doing well. I have another order from Dan, who practically could hire me full time. He's been asked to play the part of John Hancock at an event, and so of course needs a new coat. It's a soft grey wool with dove grey linen lining. It's going to be pretty sharp.

The Hancock Coat

The grey coat is supposed to follow this actual surviving Hancock coat in cut and style. I found this neat article about the coat.

Dan in another one of my coats.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Back and Settled

We're done with travel for a while. I'm in post vacation denial. I don't want to work, but too bored not to do anything! We so enjoyed seeing family for one more time this summer, and on top of that, a total eclipse.

Baby M

Baby M is growing fast. She's popping teeth and that makes her crabby sometimes, but overall she's a happy baby, and especially happy to be home and out of her car seat.

I bought this ladies' Medium blouse for .50, and it's brand new. I cut it up into a bunch of little bits and made this baby dress.It probably took way more time than it was worth, but oh well. I'm hoping to get my usual Fall rush of sewing orders, and I want to spend my sewing efforts in the meantime on baby clothes!

Shirt changed to baby shirt-dress

I also made this checkered knit dress, very Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I bought the fabric from Girl Charlee- I'd been wanting to order from them for a while. The faux apron is a vintage handkerchief. I had never tried putting buttonholes on a knit before- and it didn't work. I should have just reinforced them and done them by hand. So I'm not going to show you the back because it looks bad. Maybe I'll go back and fix it someday!

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Navy Coat

Order finished! It was the navy and buff linen coat and breeches, with domed pewter buttons. The fabric was really striking, and they looked real nice. I took pictures to share- but accidentally deleted them. Ugh. So there are no pictures of the beautiful coat and breeches.

Baby Shirt Dress

Other than that sewing, I have on my work table a continual pile of baby clothes which are more for fun than necessary. I fiddle around with them when I have a baby-free minute. Also, Baby M's first costume is ready and waiting. Made from linen scraps, it's not historically accurate with elastic at the neckline and a faux shift underneath, but it is linen with mostly hand sewing. And I think she'll be cute.

First Baby Costume

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baby Life

I know, I kind of dropped of the face of the blogging world for a while! I'm just enjoying the baby, and any sewing I've been doing have been baby dresses. I'm just getting back into taking sewing orders. I have an order for a gorgeous coat and matching breeches of deep navy and buff linen with pewter buttons.

Navy, buff, and pewter

Going out with a baby is interesting. Occasionally throughout life I would get comments from strangers on my person, mostly on my being short. Now every time I gather my energy for an outing, I get comments on the baby. Mostly about her being cute, quiet, etc., but once someone called her a "rat baby." This past week we all went out together, and we got the usual "how old is he/she- she's cute" but also "Oh, I thought she was your sister" and "he's your husband? He's so much taller it's funny." It seems having a baby allows society to comment right and left!

I bought a polka-dot sundress for $1.50 at the thrift store some time ago, and cut it into a baby dress. I've added cute skirts to several onesies(or bodysuits, as they're apparently called now).

Skirt added to a onesie

I haven't made too many items from scratch, but I did get this brown dress and white eyelet dress done.

Brown dress

White eyelet

All the dresses I've made are still too big, because I learned my lesson after the first two dresses I made for her only fit for two weeks.

Polka dot dress before.
Polka dot dress after
Sewing baby dresses is definitely a pitfall considering my amount of free time!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Thistle Quilt Finished!

The Thistle Quilt

One of my before-baby goals was to finish the Thistle Quilt. And I did! Looking back over my quilting blogposts, I finished the central medallion on this quilt in September of 2015 after putting it together that summer. Less than two years to finish a decorative bedcover? I figure that's not too bad considering all the other things I was working on at the same time. Quilting is, after all, a relaxing hobby.

The central square is quilted with patterns of thistles. The white fabric is fine linen. Around the edges are colored blocks of linen, and the floral strips are cotton. The batting is cotton, and the backing is forest green cotton.

The quilting around the sides is made up of more thistles and church window patterns, while over the floral is a simple vine, and on the colored blocks are simple sentences: one side reads "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork" and the other "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, King of creation."

A corner and the backing.

I know the pictures aren't great, so just trust me- seeing that many stitches in one cover is just cool! Now I just need to finish my queen sized wholecloth... and the baby quilt... and the vintage quilt from Grandma....

Monday, April 10, 2017

Four weeks in

Four weeks ago, getting kicked from the inside.

 Things are going well. I'm tired, but we haven't had any sleep walking episodes or such. I was two hours early for an appointment, but that could have been worse. One late night I was having a dream that the baby was in bed next to me, so I started stroking her head. Only as I gradually came awake I realized it didn't feel like her head, and then John jerked his arm away and rolled over in his sleep. And I got up and fed the real baby.

Now getting kicked on the outside.

We've been enjoying lots of help with cleaning, laundry, and meals from friends and family. I'm just now getting back into doing things and trying to get my head back around a schedule. And I'm looking forward to some special sewing, eventually!