Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Costuming Again

Right now I'm getting the costume closet ready for this year's Fezziwig Ball. The Ghost of Christmas Past outfit gives me trouble every year: it's crepe-back satin, so it's static-y and catches on everything, and every wrinkle shows. This year I had to take in the neckline, re-hem the sleeves and hemline. Then I found the thread I originally used was breaking, so I had to re-sew the seams.

A new item for the Ball: A cream colored cloak for the ghost of Christmas Past. It's upholstery fabric, so it's heavy, but still meant to drape. I hemmed it by hand, so it took a while.

A gentleman's natural linen trousers and white linen/cotton shirt- with cuff and neckline RUFFLES! I'm working on getting smaller hand-sewn hems, and Caleb is going to look amazing in his 1820's uniform this Christmas.

A boy's shirt and corduroy coat. Tiny Tim is going to be adorable this year!

I bought a straw poke-bonnet looking thing at Goodwill and started lining it with brown silk from a weird pair of ladies' pants(thanks, Grandma!). I haven't decided yet if it really looks Little Dorritish or just more Wicked Witch of the West. And am I the only person who has trouble getting bonnet lining to lie flat?