Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Moved

Yes, actually moved.

It was horribly exhausting and I never want to do it again.

Once we signed on the house Monday morning we had a repeat cycle going. For a whole week we all rose early, crammed the van, car and trailer with stuff("It's like packing for vacation every day!" said Jeremy) and went to the other house. We worked like crazy and painted every room on the main floor, every bedroom, and one bathroom. 3000 square feet seems a lot bigger now than it did before. Painting was finally done in the nick of time and on Saturday we moved the furniture. Monday, Memorial Day, Grandma moved in.

My new sewing room. The boys sacrificed(under duress) the third upstairs bedroom to be a sewing room instead of a bedroom; so now my costumes repose here and the boys live all together in the big bedroom. I painted three walls tan and the other the same red as my sewing room back home, so it would be more familiar.

 The costumes have a home.

Everything's still a mess here, but I hope sometime next week to get started on costumes again. I have the materials for several tailcoats and breeches ready to go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

STILL Moving

Our closing date got bumped forward this week, which was disappointing but not surprising considering the mess of red tape we've had to work through in the past four months. The closing day was supposed to be yesterday, but now it's some nebulous event in the future; hopefully Monday.

Boxes are piled every which way, and as we go another week without movement the boxes are being half unpacked and rustled through looking for various items(where's the cheese slicer? I can't find the oregano! Where did you put the aspirin????).

We fluctuate between anxiety(we really need to move! There's so much work to do!) and denial(it's been four months. We're never going to move).