Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baby Life

I know, I kind of dropped of the face of the blogging world for a while! I'm just enjoying the baby, and any sewing I've been doing have been baby dresses. I'm just getting back into taking sewing orders. I have an order for a gorgeous coat and matching breeches of deep navy and buff linen with pewter buttons.

Navy, buff, and pewter

Going out with a baby is interesting. Occasionally throughout life I would get comments from strangers on my person, mostly on my being short. Now every time I gather my energy for an outing, I get comments on the baby. Mostly about her being cute, quiet, etc., but once someone called her a "rat baby." This past week we all went out together, and we got the usual "how old is he/she- she's cute" but also "Oh, I thought she was your sister" and "he's your husband? He's so much taller it's funny." It seems having a baby allows society to comment right and left!

I bought a polka-dot sundress for $1.50 at the thrift store some time ago, and cut it into a baby dress. I've added cute skirts to several onesies(or bodysuits, as they're apparently called now).

Skirt added to a onesie

I haven't made too many items from scratch, but I did get this brown dress and white eyelet dress done.

Brown dress

White eyelet

All the dresses I've made are still too big, because I learned my lesson after the first two dresses I made for her only fit for two weeks.

Polka dot dress before.
Polka dot dress after
Sewing baby dresses is definitely a pitfall considering my amount of free time!