Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Our fridge stopped working. I don't know the ins and outs of fridge life, but the vegetables in the back of the fridge were freezing and being ruined. So we tried to turn the temp down using the innocent looking buttons inside. But at some point after that the fridge was no longer cold at all and the freezer was waaaay too cold... so we went four days like that and pretty much everything went bad and Margaret got constipated because we ran out of fruit and then finally they brought a new fridge. There's only three guys in the appliance section of maintenance, and apparently they do the campus locksmithing too, besides being students. So that's one reason it took so long.

Baby E is doing very well. Growing, eating, sleeping and burping happen every day. And diapers... Baby M is doing good too, and super cute.

Any sewing I've done has been brief snatches in between babies to try and get some winter clothes put together for M. They're functional but not too attractive, and Margaret does not appreciate having to wear sleeves and thicker clothes. Oh well. Our apartment is so drafty layers are required!