Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Blah Countdown Post

Home made pizza sauce simmering on the stove. Pizza dough rising in the bread machine. Fussy teething toddler on the floor with ALL of her toys. Laundry in the machine. Braxton-Hicks in full form. Wild cravings for peaches and chocolate milk. Puffy hands and feet. Two more hours until daddy takes over. Two more weeks until the baby comes, and who knows how many days until M gets her latest teeth.

Nesting/baking: French Silk Pie

I am ready to be done; It's been long enough. I want this baby on the outside. I may be sleep deprived on the other side, but at least my body won't feel like it's physically being dragged into a pit every day.

Watching, waiting, and wanting company

 Two more weeks!