Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sew, sew, sew

Lately it seems like all my free time is devoted to a blizzard of new sewing projects. Here are a few projects I've recently finished or am currently working on:

  • A maternity and nursing dress for a friend- the first nursing dress I've ever made. It was an old pattern(so 1990's!) from Elizabeth Lee Designs. It was a good learning experience; we were never able to get together for a fitting, so I have no idea if it even fits her!
  • A dress to wear to English Country Dances. Not entirely authentic, since I pretty much made up the pattern, and also used elastic on the wristbands. I am making this dress so I can have something "old-fashioned" to wear to dances without wearing my stays, but I can still wear my petticoats.It has a high, fitted bodice and Bishop sleeves. And of course a very full skirt.
  • A new nightgown. A family asked me to travel with them for a short time this spring to watch their little boys, and it's impossible to travel and not be seen in your nightgown, so I thought I'd better upgrade.

Upcoming sewing projects:

  • Skirts for Jen's 38 ballet students for the upcoming recital in May. Thirty eight skirts- thankfully very simple- older classes get full circle skirts, younger classes get half circle. We've decided on three different colors in different shades of crepe-back satin. I'd like to make these skirts reversible, but I've never made anything reversible before and I have a deadline, so we'll see.
  • Kilts for all our boys. Real men wear kilts! These are also for our dances and our history festival. I had a hard time finding appropriate plaids that were under $20.
  • A 1940's style dress for a friend. This is good, because I need practice sewing for others.
  • And finally: a light, very pink, very spring-ish, and very much in style skirt for myself. I bought some cheap fabric at Wal-mart some time ago and have finally decided what to use it for. I'm making it in anticipation that someday it will be warm once again.
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