Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Moving along...Boxed in....

Baking with two babies is hard. Today we made muffins: a standard go-to in our house for breakfast or a special snack. Once batch lasts for several days, and they can be healthy, AND still have chocolate chips. Today Baby E was in the high chair and Baby M was standing in the chair next to me at the table as we made muffins.

I cracked an egg into the bowl. It looked fishy. I decided to fish it back out with a ladle and throw it out. While I was taking it away, in the ladle, Baby E grabbed the carton of eggs and dropped it on the floor. There were only two eggs in it, but one broke and one just cracked- so I used the cracked one. No one will want to eat my baking after reading this. Baby M meanwhile got batter everywhere and all over herself. But overall everyone still enjoyed the end result: pumpkin bread. And muffins.

Our move date is three weeks away. Stress meter is rising. Boxes are piling. I can't wait to be settled again.

What will I not miss? The strong scent of kimchi wafting daily from next door. The neighbors' toddler who stays up until 10pm every night. The sound of sirens wailing from police cars and fire trucks every day. Generally having people always around just because we're in the city. Off-white walls. John being in school- so glad to be nearly done with that.

What will I miss? Church people. Having John home for lunch.

Three more weeks.