Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Good Stuffs

I don't get to reenact anymore; while I would still love to, there are several impediments:

One, it's really hot here for most of the year.
Two, last year I was sick and pregnant.
Three, now I have a baby and it's so not worth it to skip her naps.
Four, the earliest you can conceivably enact for this area is 1840. Which I could do, but don't have a kit for. And the dress I started before I got pregnant is still on the manikin.

Anyway, all that to say I haven't done any reenacting since I got here. But I am trying to get back into a few things that I enjoy, like dancing. I've also been trying a bit more to have ladies over. So far I've had ladies several times for tea and hand quilting, and that's been fun. We've also branched into talking about bread making and butter churning a bit.

So before we leave to visit family and get busy with Christmas I invited several ladies over for tea, ladies who have been quilting with me and ladies who I've met at other events. It's always nice to get out my collection of wooden plates and pottery cups. We went healthy with fruit, nuts, coconut chocolate, and whole wheat cucumber sandwiches. It was a sweet time and it made me very thankful that after two years I finally am getting to know some women here.