Monday, July 25, 2016

July in a nutshell

We had a wonderful, exhausting 4th. Visiting family and church events wore me out completely. We also hit our six month marker and finally visited the college kid hotspot, the Pizza Snob.

More quilt squares for Penny

I've been experimenting more with pieced quilting. I still don't think it will ever quite become my thing, but it's nice to use scraps in a creative way. Most of my fabric scraps are linen, which I'm sure comes together differently than the crisper quilting cottons. The squares pictured above are more samples for my friend Penny to use in her living history demonstrations. The one on top, though, I realized afterward that all the little triangles are on wrong- so I have to re-do that.

Basic strip quilting

Otherwise, we are enjoying having a quiet summer. John doesn't have school obligations; I certainly don't have obligations; and it's nice to be relaxed before school starts again.