Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's Cold

With the great privilege of having access to high speed internet here at work,
great suffering because we don't run the heater so as to save gas money.

We've had a busy weekend! On Friday we three girls went to the Nutcracker ballet in Omaha. It was good; there were some new effects and costumes. Of course Jen is a better ballerina than any of those dancers! We also went to the Durham Western Heritage museum's Ethnic festival. Durham is always a fun place to go, and they have great Christmas festivals- beautiful decorations, good music, entertainment, and food. Jen got her picture taken with a man in a kilt.

Saturday morning we woke up to a thick coat of ice outside. We were fine with that until we lost our electricity. We were without power for more than twenty-four hours. It made for a long day! It's amazing the things you can't do without electricity. It was too dark to read much; I couldn't bake; there was no computer, no light, no music, no running water, etc. We got on eachother's nerves a little bit since we were all mostly in the same three rooms with little to do. All of us are so glad we have a wood stove for heat- we kept nice and warm, at least. The drive to Church was a bit tense, but we did get there alright, even though the roads weren't cleared yet. After Church we all went to listen to Handal's "Messiah" at the Holland Performing arts Center. It got a little long for the little boys, but we all enjoyed it. There's a lot wrong with America, but being able to listen to people singing the praise of God in a public place is wonderful to hear, and very reassuring.
Sunday was also my birthday. Eeek.
By the time we got home on Sunday, the power was back on. I spent Monday doing all the things I was supposed to do on Saturday, and today I'm at work, and book club and Legion Auxiliary meetings are today.