Thursday, January 31, 2008

Capital City

I am in Lincoln for the first time since early December. Mrs. Carr's house is sooooo dry, I feel as though I've been dried to a crisp. My eyes are dry, my skin, my lips, everything. I am doing computer work and dictation for Mrs. Carr so far, though she says she wants me to clean out her china closet. And I've been listening. Mrs. Carr enjoys talking, and she is very sure of her opinions. Guess who she is voting for? Ron Paul. I don't say much on that point, because if we were both so forceful, I wouldn't long be employed, and we sure wouldn't get along very well! She feeds me very well, though, so I really am not suffering. Last night we went to Panara Breads, and I had cheecy broccoli soup with a really good chicken sandwich- YUM! Coming from a family of nine, going out to eat means we go to MacDonald's and each get a dollar sandwich, so I am getting spoiled here.
Well, I will be going home tomorrow evening. Pray it won't snow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Make the bed, shake the bed, and to bed we go

We are having guests tomorrow- a family from our Church with five children. They are staying until Sunday morning, so we had to clean the upstairs as well as the main floor. It's good that they are staying overnight, because we only clean the upstairs when we have guests, pretty much. If there's one thing I dislike about having overnight guests, though, it's making up all the beds and then washing all the sheets.

If we are feeling well, we "older" family members will be going to a lecture in Omaha on Jamestown, and some of the myths that surround the early American settlers. We've heard the speaker before and liked him, so if I take good enough notes I may have something substantial to share with you. I haven't posted anything educational in so long, I will make that my goal for the weekend- post a good post.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sugar and Vegetables

I made a three layer chocolate cake today, wtih chocolate pudding as the filling and frosting. Oh, I love to bake sweets. Tomorrow being Sunday, we might have brownies- the half-baked kind.
But on Monday, oh ho, doom comes on Monday. We are going on a sugar free diet. Vegetables and fruits only. No meat, even. I know it will be hard. But it's not even for a long time- fruits and vegetables are too expensive, especially during the winter time, for us to be herbivores for long. Americans love to eat all the time, and it's a habit that is hard to break, in this land of plenty. I do try to shop and bake frugally- my general rule for baked goods is the recipe can't have more than one stick of butter or three eggs. I have trouble thinking generously when having to take dishes to parties or get-togethers. I tend to think in a stingy way; but my pride balances this out because I want people to enjoy my food. Yes, I'm a sinner.

We are watching the political debates on TV right now; the Republican Presidential candidatesare speaking. I have already decided who I am going to vote for in the primaries(unless my parents counsel me to vote for a different person), and being tired of and disgusted with the non-stop media coverage of the primaries, I am not paying too much attention. So don't bother to ask me detailed questions about the debate.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I WILL post today

I have been trying to post for the past few days, but by the time I get my blogger-create-post page up, I have to run and go do something else and am not able to get more computer time.

Welcome to 2008, everyone.
Our New Year's Eve traditions are to eat summer sausage, cheese and crackers, and to drink punch(non-alcoholic, of course) while talking about our goals for the coming year. And we are always in bed long before midnight! I think we only use our punch bowl once a year, on New Year's Eve. We also go over last year's goals to see what we have accomplished. The main goal for 2008 is to pack up our house and move; that's a big job when you've been living in the same house for 15 years. We haven't listed our house yet, but we are starting to clean and pack nonetheless, because if we don't start now we won't be ready when the time comes. So far, we have cleaned out the pantry and the library. We easily have two thousand books or more, even after we got rid of several hundred.

Have I mentioned before that we are planning on moving this year? If not, surprise!