Friday, January 25, 2019

New things

So lately I bought paprika for the first time ever, made puppy chow for the first time ever, and made ham bowl puff for the first time in years. Then this week while I was bagging my groceries before heading to the car a crazy man was wandering the parking lot, the manager had  to be called, but he was gone by the time I got out there so I missed it.

This week has been a wash with spit up and not much else. Baby E decided to gift us all with regurgitated milk in abundance, and the only reason I can think of for this week's terrible milk mess is possibly a growth spurt, or teething. She's definitely teething, anyway.

Our last semester has started. John's away to school and I'm impatient for school to be really over. I'm cleaning out the apartment as much as I can(which is going pretty slowly) and everything that we haven't used in the last three years is in jeopardy of being given away. Casserole dish? Gone. Baby shampoo? Gone. Fabric scraps? Gone. I love it. The babies keep me on my toes, and I know packing everything up and actually moving will probably be stressful, so I want to get a head start. It takes me so long to get anything done, better start now. I can't look away from M for a few seconds without her getting into trouble. This week her socks went into the toilet. I tried to include her in baking; it was stressful. At least she got to crack the eggs. Then after that mess she went and got her dirty sweater out of the laundry and started licking muffin batter off of it. Sigh. She's pretty cute, though, and watching her grow and learn is always enjoyable.