Thursday, January 25, 2007

Neutrality Loathsome

God will have all, or none; serve Him, or fall
Down before Baal, Bel, or Belial.
Either be hot, or cold: God doth despise,
Abhor, and spew out all neutralities.

-By Robert Herrick

I'm not going to college and you can't make me!

So I'm back. Actually I've been home since Sunday, and I've just been lazy about posting. The week of babysitting went well- the children are very well disciplined and respectful. I caught a cold from one of the kids, as I always seem to do when I babysit. There were five kids under the age of eight, and they kept me busy, but all went well.

It snowed again last Saturday and the boys have been enjoying sledding and hot chocolate. I have been getting back into my routine and trying to get some work done before our home school co-op starts up again. On the topic of waiting at home- just the other day while I was at work one of our members came in to exercise. We chatted a bit; she asked me if I had found a job yet, then all of a sudden she said seriously,
"You know honey, you DO have to go to college."
(I do not like to be called "honey" by people who are not in my family.)
I laughed, somewhat incredulously, (What? Are you serious? Who are you to tell me what to do?) And said:
And she basically said:
"Well, you may have to support yourself if you husband is unable to, or if you need extra money someday, I mean, getting married and having kids is ok, but you should be able to get a good job."

I agree that I should have a way to support myself
(in case my husband dies, or if I never get married) but I don't think college is the best way to gain a secondary education.
She just repeated what she said before. I probably shocked her terribly; she is a public school teacher and she seems to be against home schooling. But the arrogance! Telling me that I have to go to college. College is not the only way to learn a trade, to assure a good job and earn a living; and as far as art goes, it is not the most efficient or the best quality way to learn. People don't think outside the box.
So frustrating!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Oh Boy!

The boys are so excited because, as they put it, "Alaska is coming here!" Snow, freezing rain, and below freezing temperatures-ah yes, a bit of Colorado heading for our very own backyard. The boys are thrilled. I don't mind so long as the roads are cleared by Sunday morning. I have a babysitting job next week in the capitol city that I can't miss. I promise to post something good before I leave; I doubt I will have internet access where I'm going. By the way, I had Lithuanian chocolate for breakfast today and it was tasty!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

He's a Pirate. Posted by Picasa