Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesdays are Happy Baby Slobber Days

So lately I've been spending my Wednesdays with my second cousins, Mr. S and Miss O. They're cute and pretty well behaved, and I get to hold the baby all day long. The only catch is I have to get up at 6am after a late night, and even after good nights I so hate getting up early. But anyway, it's been fun. The above is Mr. S modeling a ladies 17thC cap.

And below is Mr. S. again, asleep against all odds in the play chair.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Long Tea Party: an update on our moving situation

Two months ago my family made an offer on a house closer to Omaha. The house(named "Tea Party" for various reasons) is larger and newer than our current beloved home, but also largely unfinished(and thus affordable).

We've been learning a lot about Short Sale, which is actually not short at all. Short sale takes forever. Apparently it's a family tradition to move slowly, since it took us five years to find a house and make an offer. However, two months waiting for an answer is growing to be a long time, and the suspense is becoming painful.

The bank was supposed to give an answer this week. There's been nothing so far.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Year

One year ago I was on my way to Helmsdale, Scotland with the W family.

on the beautiful places

I visited

ancient fortresses

the ocean

the barren hills

standing stones on Orkney



I'm ready to go back.

Sewing Day

Last Saturday was Sewing day 2012 for dance group. Four girls out of ten are sewing their own costumes and I'm sewing the rest, so sewing day was meant to show the girls the ideal and then get them started on their own costumes. Four ladies dressed up for the mini-fashion show, and three of them wore stays. Last year the stays ratio was one to five, and this year it should be three to five. We're slowly improving. The stays are made with Butterick B4254 out of leftover pink linen.

I used plastic zip ties from Menard's for the boning.

I'd like to encourage some diversity between costumes, especially since everyone's using the same pattern. Here we have a Scottish lady modeling one of the rental bodices that I didn't have time to put eyelets in, with both a cheap cotton tartan and red linen petticoat.

The petticoats are pleated on to a simple band and tie around the waist. The bodice is made of brown linen and trimmed with the red. Of the 20 yards of white linen I bought, I have none left; of the 20 yards of brown I have four yards left.

Here is the test bodice. It turned out a little short, but fit well. The bodice is cotton and the gold petticoat is linen.

I wore my white quilted cotton petticoat and a new jacket.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Extreme Clothes Makeover

People give you strange things when they know you sew. A large spool of pink thread; a silk nightgown; linen suit coats; bags and bags of poly-cotton sheets. A few weeks ago it was a 1970's girdle, which I tore up to use the hooks and eyes. It had a sort of chain-link boning in it that I'm sure I'll find a use for.

On Sunday it was two ladies' fur coats. I tried to get the boys to model the coats for you all, but they wouldn't stand still long enough. So you'll just have to take my word for it; the coats are big, poufy, and covered in HAIR.They're a little worn in parts and ripped in others, but I'm thinking that these interesting pieces will make nice additions as cuffs and collars to Regency spencers, or warm trim for men's caps.