Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chickens... Babies... Sleep.

So Baby M is teething and maybe having a growth spurt. Anyway, she's been getting me up more at night. I'm tired. I'm also very excited to start her on solids and went to the store to buy some whole chickens to make bone broth, healthy for growing babies.

But, I should not have gone shopping while sleep deprived. In buying two chickens my glazed eyes didn't get past the words "Whole" and "Sale." They looked a little squishy, but it wasn't until I was loading them into the car that I realized they were whole, deboned chickens. I guess the baby will just get plain broth because I'm going to have a lot of it.

And then when I got home I discovered I had bought vanilla yogurt when I wanted plain.

Dan in one of my coats.

Anyway, Baby's doing well. I have another order from Dan, who practically could hire me full time. He's been asked to play the part of John Hancock at an event, and so of course needs a new coat. It's a soft grey wool with dove grey linen lining. It's going to be pretty sharp.

The Hancock Coat

The grey coat is supposed to follow this actual surviving Hancock coat in cut and style. I found this neat article about the coat.

Dan in another one of my coats.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Back and Settled

We're done with travel for a while. I'm in post vacation denial. I don't want to work, but too bored not to do anything! We so enjoyed seeing family for one more time this summer, and on top of that, a total eclipse.

Baby M

Baby M is growing fast. She's popping teeth and that makes her crabby sometimes, but overall she's a happy baby, and especially happy to be home and out of her car seat.

I bought this ladies' Medium blouse for .50, and it's brand new. I cut it up into a bunch of little bits and made this baby dress.It probably took way more time than it was worth, but oh well. I'm hoping to get my usual Fall rush of sewing orders, and I want to spend my sewing efforts in the meantime on baby clothes!

Shirt changed to baby shirt-dress

I also made this checkered knit dress, very Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I bought the fabric from Girl Charlee- I'd been wanting to order from them for a while. The faux apron is a vintage handkerchief. I had never tried putting buttonholes on a knit before- and it didn't work. I should have just reinforced them and done them by hand. So I'm not going to show you the back because it looks bad. Maybe I'll go back and fix it someday!