The Marchioness Sews

Greetings! My name is Emily, and I've been sewing historical outfits since 2009. That's me above in the Colonial gown. Listed here are a few of the many projects I've accomplished for myself, for costume rentals, or by special order for someone else. Some of these garments are for sale, and if not, you can always order or rent one like it by emailing me:

 Military Coatee, 1821. A fitted wool coat with short tails and lots of shiny buttons! Sewn 2011.
Order a coat from me HERE.

 18th Century Regimental Tailcoat, sewn for private commission, 2014.

 The Andres Ten Eyck coat. Private commission based off surviving 18th century coat.

For sale:
Medium/Small white linen/cotton costume shirts, $40 each. Inside seams are done by machine while visible stitches are done by hand.

Regency era man's waistcoat. Maroon wool with pewter buttons, made for a 32 chest.
This item is for sale! $40, or commission your own with prices starting at $40.

Linen/Cotton breeches. Made to order, $80.

Red linen/cotton waistcoat for a customer, Aug. 2013. Linen-covered buttons.

Brown linen colonial stays, with shoulder straps and lacing up the back. Sewn 2012.

Pink and white linen stays with white trim, shoulder straps and back lacing. Sewn 2012.

I was commissioned to make this outfit for a play in fall 2012.

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