Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presbytery 2010

Our family trip to Illinois proved most eventful.

Our hotel's idea of providing breakfast for the guests was just a jug of milk and two containers of bagels. I am not kidding: there was enough food for maybe ten. But there was a pool, which redeemed it for the boys.

The main occurrence of the week was the death of our faithful van. The cost to fix it would have been too great, so we gave it away for free and ended up driving a rental van home. Our van, the newest vehicle we have ever owned, was a 1999. The rental van was 2010.

We also all got colds at presbytery, so I am at this very moment drinking fenugreek tea. Nasty stuff, but worth it. There would be more to share, but my head still isn't working right. Maybe later..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road Trip

I'm starting to feel I don't really live at home anymore. I really live in the car and random points around the country, such as Omaha, Atlanta and Arkansas.

Well, we're leaving for another trip, this time to IL, and this time for fun. There will be dancing(I'm calling, gulp), and our Texas friends will be there too.

So we're off again.

Recital 2010

Jen's recital is over. Whew.

Rehearsal was really more stressful than the actual performance, though, at least for Jen. I mostly sat in the room watching the girls. Due to mis-communication by the church, all 39 students and whatever moms wanted to stay were crammed into one small and not very well aired room for five hours while awaiting their turn on the stage. Nothing really stands out to me about that day other than, it was really tiring even though I wasn't the one doing the work! And it did go as smoothly as it possibly could. I felt sorry for one of the dance moms- nine months pregnant, and she could hardly walk. She actually went into labor the next day and couldn't attend the recital.

Recital went well, and we estimated there were around 300 people in the audience. Jen was given three dozen roses and a bouquet of lilies by her students, and then we went out for dinner, which was really weird to do at 10pm, but we were all terribly hungry because none of us got to eat dinner. Then we went home and crashed.

Ahh, well. You know what I say every year after recital? Next year, at the Holland....

Friday, May 7, 2010

We Survived

Our group of five left for AR on the 18th and arrived home on May 5th. We worked five days and hit 8000 doors, which made for an average of seven hours of walking a day. I never knew my lower body could hurt so much. I got way more exercise than I planned for, so I'm thinking that not only was it enough exercise for the spring, but for the summer as well.

As I mentioned, pain was a big part of the campaign. I tripped over some garden equipment while walking up to a house- I was trying to keep from giving the elderly gentleman on the porch a heart attack, so I was looking up, not down. I got away with only one blister- all of us girls got blisters. The guys got none, unless they just didn't tell us about them to save their manly pride; Caleb was perfectly fine. That boy must have diamond-hard feet and leathery muscles. What would we do without him? Jen is going to be in great shape after this trip on top of her upcoming recital which requires her to dance every day- whereas I just feel worn out. Yes, I'm a weakling. Always have been, probably always will be.

Now that I'm home again, for a short while at least, I'm keeping busy by stressing out about the 1001 tiny details I have to take care of before Recital, and Presbytery, and the June Dance, and my first foray into historical re-enacting, and Grandpa's 80th birthday, and Jen's trip to Idaho, and our family reunion to Ft. Robinson(Sigh), and our July Fund-raising Ball, and Providential History Festival... my life is not my own.