Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We sometimes have a Sunday afternoon treat of brownies- soft, gooey brownies, not completely baked. We love them. Jonny wanted to "help" me make them the last time we had them. You know that all the helper really wants to do is sample the dough before it gets into the oven. So after we had mixed up the black goo, we tasted it. While we were doing that, the fork we had used to stir it up with kept sinking deeper and deeper into the dough. Then Jonny said casually: "The fork is drowning." And then he burst out laughing at himself for saying such a silly thing. It was so cute how he said it. He is so cute!

There's not much news on this front; we had a great Thanksgiving, but NE lost the football game. Now we are all trying to avoid the seasonal sicknesses. Tonight is our political discussion group and I still haven't gotten around to researching Fred Thompson! Horrors.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My time away

Does anyone want to know what it was really like at Ft. Bragg?

I went to Ft. Bragg, NC to work as a nanny for a Army family with four young children. My job there only lasted two and a half months, from August until the end of October, when the father of the family returned home from Iraq. I didn't do the work for pay, but as a ministry. I got room and board and the experience of being a servant. Frankly, it was tough, and it was tough because the mother had totally different expectations as to what I would be like and what I would be doing, than I did. I was so lonely. On my last night there she told me details of how she had been dissatisfied with me, and in emails since she has told even more details. How depressing! She has such a totally bad opinion of me, and was so dissatisfied with my work, I think she felt like I did more harm than good in my time there.

So, it was hard- it was good in that it was a learning experience. It's still on-going, too. I never want to see her again! I never want to speak to her again! I never want to email her again! But I know that attitude is wrong, and I know I was at fault too, and I need to forgive her for how she has hurt me. That's where things stand right now.