Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Was Right- The First Time

Well, that couple is no longer interested in our house, so we've all relaxed a little, and stopped packing. Whew. We'll probably end up unpacking what we've packed so we can keep using it.

Last week we lost electricity for two days because of a bad early-spring slush storm that knocked down quite a few power lines. Being without power is mildly annoying to me because it is too much like camping, which I detest. Thankfully, the power came on just in time for Dad's birthday dinner, though it didn't come on soon enough so I still had to make dinner on the wood stove.

Also last week- my first trip to the Capitol to volunteer for my favorite State Senator. I only took one wrong turn on my way there, but even that made me all flustered. I spent the day writing letters of response to constituents. It was enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to going back next week.

Tonight we are expecting our grandparents back from their winter home of Texas, attending a Biblestudy, and picking up our co-op health food order, while Dad is going to a Tea party and Jen is in Lincoln. I'm also cutting out some skirts for Jen's ballet students for her upcoming recital, which she is stressed about. Life seems so much busier now that spring has begun... if only I had some money to pay for all those upcoming events.