Thursday, March 14, 2019

Marching would be good for us...

March so far has been about food. John's birthday; we made cookies.

We had a guest; we made cake(we were supposed to have more than one guest but the others couldn't come so there we were with a whole cake to ourselves).

We went on a short, sleepless vacation; we ate out for every meal. We went with the goal of eating good food, and it was. Artisan pizza, donuts, smoked meat sandwiches, grilled salmon BLT, and amazing burgers as the last meal.

Lots of good food. Now if only we could get some good sleep....

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

At Night

The other night John mumbled a very concerned incoherent sentence in his sleep. I asked him, are you saying something? He replied, I'm just babbling, I guess. And then we went back to sleep.

Then yesterday, Baby E had a very upset stomach. Lots of crying and screaming all day long, up until 10pm. Finally we all could go to bed. John suggested we pray for poor Baby E. So he started, Lord please help Baby E.... was I just praying? He had dozed off in the few seconds between and carried on the conversation with barely a hitch.

We're sure getting tired of baby feedings at 4am and toddler wakings at 6am!