Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can now legally drink alcohol.

I can now legally carry a concealed weapon.
But really I can't afford to. And so far, I haven't tasted any alcohol that I've enjoyed. When you think about it, if we trust/expect eighteen-year-olds to be able to vote for leaders for our country and state, if we expect sixteen-year-olds to be able to drive safely and correctly and not kill other people through stupid driving, why can't those kids be able to decide whether or not they should drink or carry a gun? Unfortunately, most sixteen and eighteen year old American kids today aren't responsible enough to be driving or voting, but I don't think government restriction will make them any more responsible. Most likely it will do the opposite.

Oh well! I had a pretty good birthday. It involved chocolate, high-speed internet, and the BBC production of "Bleak House". So sad! We're eagerly awaiting the last CD from Netflix. Our anticipation really gets dragged out with our current Netflix plan. During the middle of the movie a bat flew right into our living room and startled us all! Dad had to kill it (which was too bad) while we all hid in the bathroom. So there you have it! My birthday.