Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreaming of a HOT Christmas

Our clan is leaving early tomorrow for a holiday to Texas. I am so looking forward to southern warmth after Nebraska's -10 F temperatures. If Texas isn't sunny, I will be very disappointed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

High speed internet, I love you

Finally, finally, finally I am at our business and am reveling in the high speed internet! I know we will never get high speed at our house, because dial-up is $7 a month (for unlimited internet!) and high speed would cost several hundred to set up and who knows how much per month, but I feel disconnected if I can't get in to use the internet here.

We got a snow break this week. A snow dump on Monday night left us home-bound until today, Thursday. No ballet classes for Jen, no work at the family business for Mom, no day at the office for Dad. And you know it's a big storm when the University closes. We were all home together. You would think we would be used to each other, since we are a family and we've lived together for all the years of our lives, which adds up to 195 years total. But it's amazing with the activities of us older ones and the jobs of the parents how little we are actually all together. It's also amazing how annoying your family can be. But we got a lot done and the power blessedly did not go out(Thank you Lord!), and we did alright. It really has been a problem for me, though, as throughout the winter we are often snowed in and can't go anywhere. I don't get out much anyway, even when the weather is good, so laugh if you will but missing my weekly trip to the library or the business is hard. So I've learned I really need a plan for winter, otherwise those I might spend those three months standing next to the wood stove in depression. This winter I am planning on taking up quilting. I also hope to continue compiling my research about women of the American Revolution,to be able to put it in booklet form.

Overall it was an interesting week. Let me summarize: The lid of our car trunk fell on my head. Ouch. I was standing on a stool hanging Christmas decorations when the stool collapsed of its own accord. Ouch. I got a hangnail. Ouch. The temperature was -10 degrees F. Ouch! It snowed; we had to shovel out our lane. My muscles are sore. Ouch. I finally got to go to our business and had to shovel snow again. I either need to A: never shovel snow because it hurts too much, or B: shovel snow more often so I'll be used to it. I vote for A.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Changes Ahead

On Sunday Dad was ordained as an Pastor in a very nice ceremony at the end of our Church service. It was appropriately serious and special. Three Elders from other churches traveled from out-of-state to be part of the ceremony. There were a few moments during the reading of the charges to Dad and the speaking afterwards that I felt some panic: What are we doing? What have we gotten ourselves into? This is serious! As an Elder in our denomination Dad is considered a Pastor, able to give communion and preach. It was a big step, not just for Dad but for all of us, because as a family unit he's taking us all with him.

Here's a quick run-through of our trip to become an Elder's family:

In the Spring of 2005 our home church of many years dissolved and we started going to DCC

On December 11th of 2005 our family joined DCC

Around September of 2007 Dad decided to begin the test for Eldership at our church

On Aug. 3rd of 2008 Dad was ordained an Elder at DCC, which was at that time a part of the PCA.

In December of 2008 our church at a congregational meeting voted to leave the PCA and join the CPC. Dad had to re-take the Elder test.

At CPC Presbytery May 14th-17th 2009 Dad was questioned for three hours by a panel of six men and did not pass the exam. Our church joined the CPC at that time.

October 26th of 2009 Dad was examined again for two hours by phone and passed.

November 14th of 2009 Dad was examined on counseling and pastoral issues and was approved by unanimous vote for Eldership in the CPC.

Abbreviations: DCC: Dominion Covenant Church. PCA: Presbyterian Church in America (Denomination). CPC: Covenant Presbyterian Church (Denomination)

It seems like the whole process happened so fast, and it wasn't it just last year we started coming to this church? As we look forward to the new year I'm sure that the adjustment to Dad's new responsibilities and our part in them will be foremost in our minds. As we make our traditional list of goals and prayers for 2010, the possibilities stemming from Dad's new position will most likely dominate the page. Pray we will learn with grace our places in this venture!

Here we go!