Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Baby Came Out

"Still no baby. I thought for sure I would go early, but the estimated due date is tomorrow. I've been baking a lot; cupcakes, coffee cake, cookies. I just don't feel like doing anything else! John suggested a healthier trend after attending the latest midwife appointment with me, and hearing the protein talk from the midwife. I know I've been eating more sugar the past two weeks; I suppose there's a faint sense of fatality. As in, well, if the baby's never going to come out, I'll just eat whatever I want. Everyone says the baby will come out eventually, but they aren't the one who's pregnant!"

-I wrote that two weeks ago. It turns out the baby did intend to come, exactly on the estimated due date, and my plans for chocolate pudding were laid aside. I rolled over in bed at 8am that morning, my water broke, and by 5:30pm that evening Baby was born. Not much else has happened since then- thank goodness!