Monday, March 26, 2018


John and Baby M both had birthdays this past busy month of March. We were hither and yon, out and about.

Number one birthday was a nice outing to the Stockyards.

Number two wasn't too exciting, but super cute: a first birthday photo shoot.

Number three was with the other side of the family, and was sort of a vague merged gathering.

Anyway, we're back and done partying and it's back to business. While we were away there were some repairs done on our apartment to replace rotten floorboards. While that was a good thing, the bad thing was that the fridge got unplugged and all the food spoiled. I had a whole roast and pan of lasagna in there for when we got back! All spoiled and we had no food to eat upon return.

So while it was super weird to go grocery shopping on a Sunday, we agreed that it was an equivalent of pulling our donkey out of a well on the Sabbath; or maybe pulling out a rotten spoiled roast and pan of lasagna out of a well on the Sabbath.

We did get a non-rotten floor and new fridge, though.