Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hobbling along

One week until probable due date. Effects of a bulky middle are still in full swing. Half the time I look like an old lady who needs a walker, and a servant- to carry my toddler and my groceries! I'm torn between wanting it to be over as soon as possible, and waiting until after my last massage on Monday. After some more concerns over the baby's size, we submitted to another sonogram this week.

It's getting to the point where before I go to bed at night I look at my kitchen in resignation and think, if I go into labor tonight this is what my kitchen will look like. I do dishes in secret because I can't handle the toddler's help. And John changes as many of the diapers as possible just so I don't have to lift the toddler, either.

And jump ahead three weeks....

We made it to the other side. Still hobbling a bit, but hanging in there. Baby M loves Baby E. We are all sleep deprived, and one of us is teething. But it's still nice to be done with that phase!