Thursday, September 8, 2016

On the Upswing

While I've spent most of my summer lying on the couch feeling sick, I'm hopeful that I am slowly becoming more able to get back to work. I'm just back from a wonderful visit to family and am working to recover and jump back into the fray! The fall season is peak for sewing costumes, and I'm hoping to make a few more sales and get some customer base back after taking off during the wedding and move.

Family Putt-putt!

First priority, two pairs of black linen trousers. This is a cool order- black linen is just dramatic, and these are for someone who does fencing for events.

Finished last month, two fine white linen cravats. A basic necessity for every gentleman.

Also finished, a Fall tablecloth for my table. Very brilliantly fall-ish. We actually had a cool spell here- in Texas, in August, and that helped get me in the mood for the season. Plus, I'm oh so thankful for the cooler weather. Now it's back up to 90, but just so long as it stays below 100, I will strive to be grateful.