Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things are starting to pick up again. I have had a very nice break in the past two months, staying at home and doing domestic things except for a few short trips to Lincoln, and a little tutoring. Jen took over my days at the business while I was in NC, so I often go a whole week without having to go out in the cold more than a few times. Very nice. But I have been feeling lazy. I do want to live at home and help my family, and that does for the most part keep me busy, but I have been wanting a few projects to fill up my extra time.
I haven't found one consistent thing to work on over the spring, but more little jobs are popping up on the calendar. This next week I am planning on going to Ohio on a political campaign. I have been invited to help at a men's conference; the home school conference, women's conference, and Jen's graduation are also coming up. Mom says we need to start packing. I know there is more on the calendar, but I can't remember what it is right now. Anyway, I will most likely be in Ohio next week, so you won't hear from me. But that's nothing new, right? I've been terrible about posting.

Oh, another thing on the calendar is weddings! I think I might go to more weddings this summer than I have been to in all of the other years of my life combined. And I was unofficially asked to help with one of them... we'll see about the others. It's hard to believe so many people my age will soon be getting married.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good turnout at Nebraska Capital

Yesterday, despite the dangerous driving conditions(it snowed. Again.), our whole family drove to Lincoln to take part in the home school Legislative Day, a annual event to help home schoolers learn about our legislature and meet with their senators- something like a field trip. However, due to the recent introduction by senator Shimek of the anti-freedom bill 1141, the focus of the day was primarily to talk to our senators about the bill and to make a show of force, letting our senators know that we are respectfully, but very strongly, opposed to this bill.
The roads were slick and icey in the morning, so instead of the estimated 1000 homeschoolers expected to attend, there were about 600. We arrived around 11am to hear Sen. Hudkins, Sen. Fulton, and Sen. Erdman speak to the group about LB 1141 and other bills of interest. Sometime near 12:30 we were divided into groups according to district so we could go meet our senators and speak to them for hopefully a few minutes. Our Senator, Kent Rogert, is fairly young and new to the scene. Our idea of him is that he is liberal, backed by rich farmers, and not too likely to support the home school cause. After lunch we listened to speakers from Family First, Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association(NCHEA), and Nebraska Family Council. The event ended at 3pm and we rushed home so we could get back before dark and get Dad's car unstuck from a snowdrift. The Lincoln Star Journal and Lincoln channel 10 News(KLON/KGIN) have both given media coverage to LB 1141, though it is generally biased in favor of the bill.

It was a good day, and we are all looking forward to the hearing on the 26th. I would not be surprised if there were 1000 people at that event!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dewaine Gahan

With students from UNO last May.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

In Honor of Dewaine Gahan

A good friend and a great man, Dewaine Gahan, died Thursday after a long battle with cancer. Mr. Gahan was a strong Christian man, who I believe was a great witness to many people through his God-honoring attitude during his sickness. He did so much good work in the community; promoting the town and working to help it grow and stay strong. He loved sports; and as editor of our local newspaper he always had pages of sports editorials every week. Dad worked with Mr. Gahan often to organize short trips for UNO's international students, and Mr. Gahan was always very hearty, positive, and friendly. He will be very much missed, but we are glad he is not suffering any longer.

Food and friends

Last night we had some old friends over for good food and good conversation, except for the part where the adults started talking about septic systems and bathroom leaks. That's what happens when you have a plumber over for dinner.
Just before dinner, Caleb was being silly and he knocked the battery-operated timer into the main dish, boiling on the stove. Mom got an emotional phone call; Jeremy got up from his nap with an earache. Dad wasn't home yet and all the boys needed baths. But in the end, things calmed down and no one has gotten sick from the charged goulash yet.