Sunday, September 30, 2012

Currently in Connecticut

So I left Saturday morning and flew Omaha to Minneapolis to end at JFK airport in New York. From NY I was driven up to CT by some very kind friends and deposited with church family, here is the woods of the teeny tiny state of Connecticut(Be impressed, I just spelled "Connecticut" correctly three times in a row).

Here's what else I've learned so far.

Connecticut is a miniscule state, and it has a lot of trees. The vast forestry hides towns and dwellings and smothers every living thing. But, since it is fall and very pretty here, it is more forgivable. Because it is really very pretty.

Our sister church here meets in this imposing brick building that used to be a school, and is now owned by the local historical society. The upstairs was closed off, so I didn't get to see all what was upstairs. The church body here is smaller than back home, and it's more like an oasis in the midst of a desert(forest?). As something of a minority(Reformed Presbyterians) I think maybe even in our larger churches there's a feeling of relief on Sundays when you know you're around like-minded people. How much more so when you live in a very liberal state and your church is less than fifty people?

The building was very large, and had at least one towering brick chimney.

 After the church service I helped out with a dance, since some of the young people here are just getting started dancing. It went fine and everyone did well. Across the street was another formal church(With a very nice clock tower) that was hosting a free concert.

On the way home my hosts treated me(and themselves) to locally-made doughnuts and apple cider. Good deal all round! The original plan was for me to only stay three days, but as of today my traveling group has had no word on the status of our visas. We are all very much hoping that the visas will arrive in time to allow for departure; but in the case that they're not I expect I'll be in CT for a little longer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Departure in eight..four, now wait, two, oh never mind.

Yes, I'm leaving soon and totally freaking out about it. Until last Tuesday my time was taken up with costumes and church events, so I've just now been able to think about packing and all the little details that come with travel. I can't really say why I'm stressed, but I'm pretty sure I am.

Our collective traveling party(zoo?) of family and nannies learned last week we'll be sharing the apartment of a missionary family in St. Petersburg during our stay there. I'm not concerned about dealing with the adorable D children, because I know they're well-disciplined; but even so I have no illusions about what it will be like to live in an apartment with eight children and eight-ish adults. That's just a lot of people in one space. I'm sure it will be very sanctifying. I'm probably being too pessimistic about that. Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts. Or sleeping pills might work too.

In other news, Grandma's in the hospital because of an infection in her leg. It seems strange not to hear her muttering(because she talks aloud to herself all the time) and throwing her TV remote down when she gets frustrated with the TV. It's also a bit of a relief. Having Grandma is not maybe as horrible as I've made it sound; but she is almost constantly negative(even when she's not mad) and very self-centered; so there is a sort of underlying stress of "what if Grandma gets really mad today." When someone is always negative it's wearing, and it's like a kind of mental poison that I have to consciously resist. Life lesson: Make a habit of Godly positive thinking or you'll poison people's minds.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Before Departure on 9/29:
  • Finish the costume season well. Tomorrow and next Saturday I have two costume events, and after that all the costumes need to be washed, labeled and put away ready for the Ball that happens the week I get home. There's always lots of last minute sewing to be done when this many costumes are involved.
  • Pack judiciously. Since I'm stopping in CT on my way to Russia I really do not want to haul a large amount of luggage, and now that my trip is bumped down to eight weeks I'm hoping I can do with one medium sized suitcase. Besides, I have to pay for checked luggage.
  • Leave with dances pre-planned. I'm leaving a week after the September dance, missing two, and arriving home a few days before the Fezziwig Ball. Everything needs to be settled before I go.
  • Somehow, earn more money. Fast, in less than two weeks. How, I don't know.

During Travel 9/29 to 10/27:

  • Blog prolifically. Since so far about half of my present travel funds have been gifts from friends, I feel like I should give something back. Stories seem the most cost-effective way of doing this.
  • Somehow purchase economical presents for my ten immediate family members and a few special friends. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS? Everything costs three times as much in Russia, and remember, I'm only taking one medium sized suitcase.
  • Plan the upcoming dance events and performances for 2013. I have exciting plans for performance group and public dances next year, and I am so happy with our new location for public dances.
  • Keep working on my resume and searching for a job. Childcare is a good money-maker if one can find a good family to work for, but I still prefer the dance/costume field. And I don't have any guarantee of getting back my recent nanny job when I arrive home. And I really want to start working part-time soon after I get home, so I won't have to ask for money next time I travel(bids are in for summer 2013: Either Scotland again, or the East Coast).
  • See lots, learn lots, and serve.

I had to write this post in breaks because looking over all the goals together makes me hyperventilate. The next three weeks will go fast, I think.