Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Trip

Thursday June 1st
We left NE at 8am and got to our campground at roughly 7pm. Seeing the mountains for the first time was absolutely thrilling. We camped in Mueller State park- and when we arrived at the park, it was snowing. When we set up our tents and bedding, we discovered only two air mattresses worked. What with the temperature being well below 45 and with only a sleeping bag beneath us, we all had a miserable night.
We went to Healthquarters and got checked by Dr. Frahm, who does muscle response testing. We trust such methods over normal Doctors’ checkups. Then we went to a store to buy more air mattresses and blankets. We briefly visited Garden of the gods but were to tired to see it all. That night the campers next to us decided to stay up till the wee hours of the night singing, swearing, yelling and drinking. If they weren’t drunk, they were preeetty close.
We visited the U.S. Air Force Academy and got a very nice tour from Jason. Jason makes a very good tour guide. After that we spent a short time at Focus on the Family HQ, the most exciting part of which was when we went through THE wardrobe into Narnia.
We stayed at camp, went hiking, and talked to a really neat home-schooling family camping just a little ways up from us- they had five kids whose names all started with a T. It was also Jonny’s 7th BIRTHDAY!
Finished up at the Garden of the gods- took lots of pictures, and I got my FREE Zebulon Pike bicentennial poster from the visitor’s center.
We went to three really cool places- The American Numismatic Association Money Museum-“See more money than you’ve ever seen in your life!” The Colorado Pioneers museum, which was an old ornate courthouse, and Van Briggle pottery. It was beautiful pottery- Mr. Van Briggle rediscovered an ancient Chinese glaze back in the 1900’s.
We drove to Golden gate state park- it seems like most of CO is state parks. We took the scenic route there, which usually means Mom gets us lost, but this time she didn’t. And it was truly wonderfully scenic.
Thursday, our last day.
Most of us sat around and enjoyed our ISOLATED campground, did a little hiking. It was also Andrew’s 9th BIRTHDAY!


Rabenstrange said...

We hit that area several years ago. It's beautiful and there's lots to do.

Despite the cool weather, I hope you had lots of fun.

Frazzledsister said...

We did.

Anna Naomi said...

I enjoyed your post about your trip! Sounds like a lot of fun.. despite washing with a bucket!

Alice said...

So happy to see a summary of your vacation. I was born in Longmont CO. My folks left when I was about 3 months, but we went back to see relatives quite regularly. We also spent our honeymoon in CO. It is a beautiful state. Of course so is NE. Just different scenery. So glad you had fun.