Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Home life

This morning’s family activities and discussions established the facts that:

1 Pocket knives are only to keep in your pocket, they are not for throwing
2 Couches are only made to be sat on
3 Nebraska spiders will not jump on you and kill you
4 It is possible to have fun and excitement at home without eating food.
5 One does not run their dirty fingers through the granola container

I had a very domestic day. I cleaned the kitchen, and washed tomatoes; did school with Jonny, and then rested for half an hour while the boys wrestled and chased each other, the rules being no biting and no kicking. I stepped up the search for a Nanny job yesterday. Calling people about a advertised job scares me to death. Then in the afternoon I went grocery shopping, visited the library, shopped for a birthday present, and paid the taxes for Mom. Tonight Jen and I are having our girl night, which consists of hiding upstairs with a combination of TV and sugar in chocolate form.

Last night I read a book by Danielle Steel. Now before you all have heart attacks, let me explain. The local book club, which I attend, decided that this month we would all read a Danielle Steel book. Usually the reading assignment is much more flexible, for example, one month we each read a different sea story; so generally, I can pick the type of book I want to read. I know that I didn’t HAVE to read a D.S. book, but I thought I would read one just to say with greater knowledge, “I don’t like her work”. And I don’t. I found her book to be poorly written, immoral, and utterly un-educating. Someone once said “It is a good book which is opened in expectation and closed in profit.” I read books for enjoyment and education. This book gave me neither. How I am going to tell all this to those kind but very sensitive old ladies at book club, I do not know.
Sometimes book club frustrates me- but we do have great treats afterwards.


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you remind me it's Aminata from France. I read with pleasure your blog. I was laughing with myself reading what you wrote about Danielle Steel and her books.Hahhaa... Maybe you will not trust me but I read more than 40 books from her, and really i loved that: I don't know it was like living the character's life and before finish i already knew that the story would have a happy life, maybe that comforted me since it is not the case in the life. But now, i can't read that, not even a page, it's so boring!! But i don't regret i come to terms with my old tastes...hahaha

Frazzledsister said...

I am sure I would remember you if I saw you, but just from hearing your name, I can't remember, which one are you?