Saturday, August 19, 2006

I should have learned to swim.

It’s been raining so much here we are like to drown. It was raining just last night(!) and Jen ran out in the rain to take pictures of it(the rain) and she discovered a beautiful, huge, perfect rainbow. A RAINBOW! What a rare and wonderful sight. We all ran out in the rain to stare and got slightly wet in the process. Rain! What strange weather we’ve had this summer.

Yesterday I went into town to do housecleaning for a(slightly crabby) 90 year old lady. On the way in I dropped the girls off by the river so they could go canoeing. I was at the lady’s house for two hours cleaning her cupboards- I nearly had a heart attack cleaning her fine crystal. Some of it nearly fell. After she released me from her hands, I rushed to the library to cover books for an hour. Libraries are a good place to hear gossip- the librarians know all. When I came out of the library, The sky was extremely dark. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so dark. On the way home I got hit by torrential rains which rendered me nearly sightless on the horrible country roads. Anyway, I made it home and even got the girls to their next social appointment, a birthday party, to which I was not invited, so Jen and I decided to get ice cream!!!! at MacDonald’s after going grocery shopping and visiting the LIBRARY(A different one than the one I mentioned earlier)!

Today we girls are going to can cucumbers and tomatoes. I also have to make zucchini chocolate cake and carrot cake. I figured I'd better do the cake because if Jen's bread is any indication, her cake would not turn out well. Her bread is the stuff legends are made of- you know, the legends that go like, "Yes, I remember using Grandma's fruitcake to build brick walls". After that we have to make dinner-BLT’s. How we are going to do all that in four hours I do not know. We also have to prepare for tomorrow- we aren’t going to Church because we are attending a thank you lunch for veterans from the local nursing home. It starts at 12, and since we usually don’t get home from church until 1:30, we’ll probably just have Church at home.

Well, there you go- an update on my life.


thepatriot said...

Ha. Funny Em. :) But my last batch was better, right?

Frazzledsister said...

Not much.

Miss Rosa said...

As a librarian, I am slightly offended by the "gossip" remark. I had no idea I was viewed that way. I will make great effort to remedy that.