Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday happenings

We spent this Christmas at home alone together, as we do all Christmases. Sunday we visited relatives after church and got home exhausted at supper time. One of the gifts Mom gave me this year was the book "Elixir" by T. Davis Bunn. I really enjoy Mr. Bunn's books because they are so serious, very well researched, and so tense. I encourage you all to read a book of his. Other than that, I received too many socks to count and enough candles to decorate a funeral home. If you skip over to Jen's blog you can read what we did yesterday; this weekend brings another round of guests and social activities.

The best parts of this year's Christmas were:
1 seeing the boys get so excited over a toy you spent five cents on.
2 hearing Jotham's journey again. (Dekah.... of.... Megido!!!!)
3 Jen spending time with a good friend from out of state
4 finding out that Josh is still human, and not zombie
5 openly, freely, and thankfully celebrating the birth of Jesus

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Jessica said...

Hi! I can't forget to read something by T. Davis Bunn, it sounds really good.

Mom's read us Jotham's journey, too. It's become more or less a tradition with the younger folks. I didn't listen to the little boys' bedtime stories this year.