Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I caught a slight cold, which is why I haven't been posting- I missed a day at work, so no high speed internet and no capacity to think. Our four year old came up to me today and said, "let's Alaska kiss!" Meaning, an Eskimo kiss. A very rare and tempting offer, and if my nose wasn't running I'd accept. He also violently insists that flamingos are really named "Lilytrods" and I have no idea why. He is such a hyper boy, but then again, aren't all boys hyper?


thepatriot said...

You never told me about the Alaska kiss! He sounds so cute in this blog post, when in real life... *cough* :)

Frazzledsister said...

Yes... I know. He was trying to get my attention while I was reading.

Pansy said...

They all have their cute moments. My favorite was when lil Sis came running across the yard yelling "QUICK! It's a dead spider! Come KILL it!"

I'd like to know if you ever discover the reason for calling them lilytrods... That's really quite creative.