Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Laughing is good for you

Mom laughed until she cried tonight because Jonny showed up for storytime wearing only sweatpants and huge underwater goggles, making him the envy of his brothers. He really looked hilarious, and so nonchalant. Just before this he spent five minutes banging a strange kind of Morse code on the kitchen floor with a yardstick trying to get Caleb to come upstairs.


Caleb and I also had a good laugh about Tai Chi- besides the exercise class named "Tai Chi", we were so sure there was a kind of tea called Tai Chi, and it took us awhile to remember that it's actually Chai Tea.

So we've had a few good laughs this evening.


tierney said...

Haha! Little boys may be noisy and perplexing, but they can also be awfully funny! We have so many pictures of my brothers dressed up in preposterous "superhero" costumes...makes you wonder, yet again, what goes on in their heads. :-)

Frazzledsister said...

I know. Who says boys don't play dress-up?