Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey all!

Sorry, I haven't been posting.
I am back at my new home after being away for the weekend. My hostess was very accommodating and I had a very relaxing time away from children, and just a relaxing time in general.

On Sunday I went with my hostess to a Chapel here on base that markets itself as "Contemporary and Casual". It wasn't as bad as it sounds! I am glad that I can listen to the Church sermons from home on the Internet. My Church options here are Church A, which puts you to sleep with its songs and sermons, but has good Sunday school, or Church B, which has more joy in worship but is theologically incorrect! Maybe I should alternate?

Last night I called home and we had a sort of family conference about some big decisions in our lives right now. I'm not sure if Mom and Dad want to make it public news right now but some of you will all learn soon enough. It was good to talk, but it made me homesick.

This morning Mrs. O told me that two soldiers had been killed; she didn't tell me exactly but I believe they were from her husband's area. I can see how stressful it is for her to deal with the news. Please pray for her, and the other wives, that they could have peace and grace at this time.

Also, the children are not obeying me and I am hoping to talk to Mrs. O about it at the right moment sometime soon. You could pray that we would be able to work this issue out so that things would work more smoothly!

So all that is kind of what is on my mind today; or at least it was, until the youngest of my charges got hit in the lip with a water gun which left him with an open gash that bled as head wounds so often do, and now there is blood on the carpet, the chair, and my dress, and Mrs. O is at the emergency room getting a stitch or two put in. The little boy will be fine, and I'm too used to this sort of thing to get upset, so all is well.


Rabenstrange said...

When you say that Church B is theologically incorrect what do you mean by that?

I hope they're not teaching heresy.

Frazzledsister said...

Well, it's interdenominational; since it's Chapel you might have Methodist or a Baptist speaking; the congregation is also fairly liberal in it's thinking, it seems. Does that explain it better?

One Salient Oversight said...

The fact that church B has "more joy in worship" is not necessarily a positive thing. What a church projects publicly may not be what is going on in people's hearts.

Ask yourself - which church seems to develop godly behaviour and aligns itself with scripture more?

Does either church practice expository preaching? Is the Gospel of Christ the central theme of public worship?

Surely there is a third choice if you need it? Any good churches within 10 miles?

Frazzledsister said...

It's hard to get to know what's in people's hearts after one service. I think joyful worship is a big part of a Church service. As far as aligning with scripture, that would probaby be Chuch A, though that might not be the doing of the Pastor.
Those are the only Churches that I have transportation to.

One Salient Oversight said...

You don't have a car? Bummer.

Frazzledsister said...

I survive.
It sure cuts down on living expenses, you know!