Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1141 update

It now appears that LB 1141, the bill threatening to outlaw homeschooling in Nebraska, will sit in committee for the rest of the legislative session and will not be voted on. The Education Committee has taken no action on the bill so far. I was in Ohio the week of the hearing of 1141, but there was an estimated 1,300 home schoolers at the capital that day. My family was among them, and they reported every room was packed and everyone was well behaved.
Since we now have more of a feel of what our legislative body is like, we will be sure to keep an eye on the capital much more than we have in the past, because our politicians are decidedly not friendly towards the freedoms that NE homeschoolers currently have.

I am sorry to report that Dr. Patrick Johnston, the fellow we worked for in Ohio, lost in the primary last Tuesday. Ohio will be worse off for it in in the next few years, but Dr. Johnston is committed to politics for the long haul and I know he plans to run again in the future. You can be sure we will be back out there in Ohio, working to get him into office!

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