Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A country necessity- the mudroom

Today the temperature was 75 F, and so I cleaned out our mudroom. Everyone who lives in the country ought to know what a mudroom is. It's the place where you supposedly keep everyone's muddy boots, instead of putting them on the newly mopped kitchen floor. That's where you keep all the odds and ends of gardening, empty boxes, extra garbage and bottles and cans to be recycled. But mostly, it's full to the brim of coats, hat scarves, mittens, and jackets. And today I packed them all away. I may regret it, because it's supposed to freeze again this weekend. We'll just have to go without! Because I packed them all away and they are NOT coming back down. In our case, the mudroom also holds the wood bin so we don't have to keep running outside all winter long to get wood to keep us warm. That would be worse than having to use an outhouse instead of having indoor plumbing! Besides all that, we have a small oven in our mudroom so we don't heat up the house during the summer, since we don't have AC either.

Someone is coming to look at our business tonight. It would be wonderful if our business would sell before our house... Last Sunday we went to look at houses in a really nice neighborhood on the outskirts of Omaha. If we have to live in town, I would want to live in a neighborhood like that one. There was more space than usual. We are still hoping to build our own house in the end, though.

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