Sunday, March 29, 2009

My life is booked.

After a fairly normal and slightly boring winter as I get into spring, it seems there are no free days left on the calendar. Why? Well, it seems that when people come to look at our house, they come in batches. We had a lady surprise us yesterday when she called and said, I'm two minutes away, what's your address? I'm coming to see the house!

Thankfully the house was fairly clean, so we only had to semi-frantically clean instead of full-out-panic frantically clean. A couple(unmarried, no children) is coming to see the house tomorrow. They say they really love it(from the pictures) but I'm thinking once they see it, they'll realize it's not their type. Our house is a old family house that lacks some of the comforts that many Americans are used to, like heating and air conditioning.

Besides that, a cold is going around and Jen and I are on the campaign trail again. This week is also the beginning of a really exciting volunteer job for Jen and I, that I will have to tell you about later.

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