Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Never Want to Marry a Man Named Arnold

I'm in a state of mild depression right now. My recent studies of the American Revolution have led me through David McCullough's excellent book, "1776" and David Hackett Fisher's "Paul Revere's Ride" along with other lesser known books. I'm understanding more now what a great man of character George Washington was, and how providential it was to have young leaders such as Nathaniel Greene and Henry Knox in the North, and Charles Coatesworth Pinckney and Francis Marion in the South. But what got me depressed was the last two books I've read, which were about Benedict Arnold, the brilliant and tempermental American General who in 1779 defected to the side of the British. It's pretty depressing to read about how an American hero turned into an American traitor. Whew.

I need to get my mind on other things. I started my first petticoat today, and since they're really pretty easy to make I hope to have both my plain white petticoats done within a few days.


Rabenstrange said...

I really enjoyed Fisher's book on Revere. I was particularly moved reading how some of the men on the Lexington Green were literally fighting for their homes while their wives and children watched them die from their houses on the Green.

The Marchioness said...

I agree, his book was excellent. Very detailed, but still interesting. I liked "1776" the next best, and maybe after that "Rise to Rebellion".