Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Man can make his plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands

We used to play a board game called Soloman's Treasure(which seems to be no longer made) where one of the game cards had you memorize that verse, Proverbs 16:9, to get to the next level. I guess I really memorized it.

All my plans lately seem to be foiled. For example, a plan to campaign for Dan Quiggle in Florida was taken out of my hands, and then canceled- and that was particularly crushing because we would have gotten to stay at the beach. My latest attempt to get a job didn't go through- though I can't say I'm too sorry about that. I only need the money; I've got enough work without a job at present. That's what comes of doing so much volunteer work- poverty! I even gave up a museum visit in Omaha to see artifacts from the Charles Dickens museum in England because we had family visiting!

Anyway, I know that there are no accidents in life. I just wish all these dead-ends weren't so upseting. Maybe some chocolate will make me feel better.

My 18th Century dress is almost completed. I've really been enjoying researching the colonial period, so much so that maybe I won't want to stop after the History Festival is over. Take a look at these authenic 18th Century cosmetic products! I have half a mind to make some, even though lotion is the last thing I need. I've also started a list of historic places relating to the Revolutionary War I'd like to visit someday, and this is the latest place on the list.


Rabenstrange said...

Chocolate always makes me feel better.

The Marchioness said...

Yeah, what would we do without it. Hey, what happened to your blog? It hasn't been loading at all lately.

Rabenstrange said...

I had some technical difficulties and my blog was down for more than a month.

With the help of one of my buddies who owns a web design firm, I've gotten things mostly back up and running.