Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reformation Day Faire

It's hard to explain to non-Christian or normal Halloween-celebrating friends what a Reformation Day Faire is. Usually my explanation goes like this: It's celebrating Martin Luther and his 95 thesis, John Calvin and the Protestant Reformation... you know, John Calvin? (confused looks) Instead of celebrating Halloween? (shocked muttering and shaking of heads) Oh, never mind- it's a fall festival. (the light bulb goes on and shocked look disappears)

So Jen and I traveled the eight hours to IL with three other ladies for Providence Church's annual Reformation Day Faire, leaving last Thursday and arriving home Monday evening. We all agreed we had a good time- not quite a great time, but a good time. We stayed with a wonderful host family who showed us the art of good hospitality. We heard speakers on John Calvin both Friday and Saturday morning, very enjoyable when we weren't feeling too sleepy. Saturday afternoon the Scottish games began, followed bythe Boffer war. Since we ladies didn't know anyone in the games, we left after a while. My favorite part of the event was the ball Saturday night(English Country Dancing). We started out with the Virginia Reel, a dance I've actually done before, and I really wanted to dance again. Since I was a stranger there, I thought for sure no guy would ask me to dance, so I was very pleasently surprised and very happy when someone asked me to dance right away! I danced four out of the five dances altogether and had a wonderful time. I also really enjoyed the Church service and spending time with our hosts Sunday evening- we watched "Pendragon" together. A good movie, but the acting made me laugh sometimes.

Monday we traveled home. We specifically stopped at Steak and Shake in Iowa for lunch, because there aren't any in Nebraska that I know of, and had a pleasent meal together. Then a little farther on we got off the interstate to stop at a cemetery I wanted to visit. I got my tombstone pictures and then one of our members got sick, so we ended up waiting about an hour in Williamsburg, Iowa while her prescription got filled. We got a little silly running around the town square taking pictures. Kind of an odd sidenote to our fairly calm trip.

We had a good time and it was nice to get away for a little vacation. If I did it again, though, I think it might be more enjoyable if my family had been there or if I hadn't been the only quiet one in the car.


Janai Fuentes said...

Hi Emily!

I was glad to be able to meet you and your sister at the Faire! The ball was my favorite part, too! Although I did enjoy the boffer wars, as well!

Are you guys coming out for Liberty Day? Or the next Reformation Faire?

It would be neat to be able to meet again! =)


The Marchioness said...

Thanks for commenting, Janai. We are not planning on attending Liberty day, unless by some miracle we can get a ride, and we haven't thought so far ahead as the next Reformation Faire!

You could come to my church's annual festival though:

It's a month before the Reformation Faire. We would love to have you come!

Daniel Devine said...

Great to meet you at the Faire, Emily. Hope you, your sister and your friends thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

So does the name "Marchioness" come from a Charles Dickens book, or something else?


The Marchioness said...

The Marchioness is the name that Mr. Swiveller gives the small servant in Dickens' "Old Curiosity Shop."

Last winter I read almost all of the Dickens novels and loved them. I think my favorite is Barnaby Rudge. Do you have a favorite? I see on your profile you liked David McCullough's "1776". Do you enjoy studying the American Revolution in particular?

It was nice to meet you too. Karen Carr really enjoyed meeting your family as well.

Grace said...

I know what you mean about not celebrating Halloween. Our homeschool group holds a harvest party every year on the 31st; we really don't do anything special except go to that (it's basically like a meal and then games and such afterwards).

The Reformation Day Faire sounds interesting.