Thursday, October 8, 2009

This post ended up being all about Money

I've taken a small weekly babysitting job which will hopefully pay for some of my living expenses. It's not much money but at least it's something. It's so nice to just babysit little girls and not little boys. I even have time to read in between incidents. Last night I did have to emphasize that Ladies don't bang their fists on the walls- I'm sure I never did at that age- and there was one blood-letting injury, but it was the first in four weeks. When you consider the statistics of average two year old boy injuries, once in four weeks isn't bad.

Sewing get be expensive. Especially sewing authentic, period correct clothing, when you're aiming for specific kinds of material and special patterns. In my next attempt at creating eighteenth century clothing I hope to make a caraco jacket, similar to the gown I made, only shorter and with different seam lines. The cheapest pattern I could find for a caraco jacket was $10. Now, even with this babysitting job, I don't feel I can keep on spending money on authentic patterns. So, two options: I could spend ALL my current monthly budget and buy this book and be set up forever, or I could try to alter the period correct pattern I already have, keeping the right seam lines and changing the skirt. Beginner sewer I may be(sometimes I dare to call myself intermediate), but I alter my patterns fearlessly. It drives my sister nuts.

Actually, there is an option number three: I drive for two hours every day to get a job I don't like, come home exhausted every night and have less time for sewing, so I have more money to sew.

After considering the options, I think I'll just bide my time and for now alter the pattern so I can have something to wear here, and hope that wonderful tradition of giving the grandkids money at Christmas continues.


Tobias Davis said...

Have you thought of sewing for profit?

The Marchioness said...

I wouldn't mind- but I doubt there is a market for it out here in the country.