Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unconditional Election put to Song

’Tis not that I did choose Thee,
For Lord, that could not be;
This heart would still refuse Thee,
Hadst Thou not chosen me.

Thou from the sin that stained me
Hast cleansed and set me free;
Of old Thou hast ordained me,
That I should live to Thee.

’Twas sov’reign mercy called me
And taught my op’ning mind;
The world had else enthralled me,
To heav’nly glories blind.

My heart owns none before Thee,
For Thy rich grace I thirst;
This knowing, if I love Thee,
Thou must have loved me first.

-Josiah Condor


Nathania said...

I really like that!

The Marchioness said...

It's good, isn't it? We sang it in Church last Sunday, but it got started off really high. I could hardly sing it.