Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here, There, Back and Off Again

Well, the F family and I arrived safely back in NE early Monday morning of last week. We were all, as Mr. F put it, completely thrashed. I realize the rationale for driving through the night- the kids sleep through the whole trip. But I am not a kid, and I just can't sleep in a car. Or a fifteen-passenger van. But it was a fun trip, and I'm glad I could go.

I leave tomorrow for Arkansas and a week long campaign trip. I'm really excited to be back on the campaign trail after nearly a year without any campaigning. This will be my exercise/tanning session for the spring. At all other times of the year I shun exercise and don't have time to sit in the sun, so if you notice my skin is the fainest tint darker next time you see me, it's thanks to our candidate Reynolds.

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